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Be the change you wish to see in the world.

How Can I Help You?


I am happy to bring my public speaking skills to your event. From small intimate groups to events with over 500 people, I am skilled at speaking with various and diverse groups of people.

Specialty topics include:

  • Peaceful Parenting
  • How We Can Change the World Through Parenting
  • Body Image and Our Children
  • Helping Children With Diversity Awareness
  • Sexuality and Gender Concerns for Parents and Children

I particularly enjoy sharing my experiences, I am a firm believer that the intersection of theory and actual experience is critical when engaging with audiences. Only then do true, authentic exchanges happen where audiences feel like you are not citing only theory.


I enjoy writing and have written for many different websites as well as my own blogs. Do you wish to have a guest blogger? Want to have a new and fresh perspective for your magazine? Do you wish me to look over some material for it’s parenting diversity awareness? I have a particular interest in reviewing books for parents and love the opportunity to work with authors or publishers.


Do you wish to have the opportunity to advertise on my website? Do you wish to share links? Then definitely drop me a line and we can chat about the possibilities. If our businesses are aligned in values then the possibilities will be exciting!


I would be thrilled to work with you in any form of media about parenting topics, whether it be speaking to press, being interviewed, or appearing on television.

About Me:

I have worked with many and diverse organisations and have experience with many different forms of media. Above all, I can work with you to meet your needs so why not drop me a line and we can chat about the possibilities.

Guest Post Nurture Magazine

Guest Posts Evolutionary Parenting

Presenter of Book Reviews for Breakfast TV, TVNZ, 1999-2000

Board of the Postnatal Distress Network Trust, now called Cherish

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