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Family Coaching is all about what you and your family needs. The best in family coaching is when I can work with you to help you bring out the potential that is already there.

I am happy to work with all types of families with young children, in fact there is no one set rule for what makes up a family. Whether your family is blended, step, rainbow or what you think is run of the mill, I can work with and for you.

Plenty of other family coaches will offer you package deals, and whilst I recognize that that might be the easy approach it might not work for your family. I will work with you to design a package that works for YOUR family, not anyone else’s.

Prices are negotiable, and what the package includes is also negotiable. I am happy to work face to face, via email, text or Skype. I am familiar with all of those mediums and it is, ultimately, what works best for your family.

As a guide I tend to work on a base rate of $50 (negotiable) per face-to-face hour, with some provision for support after. Of course, depending on your family circumstances I am open to negotiation on packages that might work for you.

Feel free to contact me for a no obligation conversation to see what your needs might be and how I can work with you.

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