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Purposeful Discipline

Purposeful Discipline is a four hour course run over two nights which develops a parenting philosophy with which parents can form a strong foundation so that they may learn how to peacefully parent their own unique children on their own unique journey.

Peaceful Parenting

  • Strategies that work for your individual child – not one size fits all

Discipline – What is it?

  • A comprehensive discussion on what we mean by this word and what we want to achieve

Family Values and Plans

  • How does a family do this? Why is it important? Who do I include in the process?

Praise and Encouragement

  • How am I supporting my child? Am I really doing what I think I am?

Most traditional parenting courses prescribe a one size fits all approach. Purposeful Discipline seeks to break those molds.

I start with a foundation of peaceful parenting and unconditional love where parents can learn to look at their own, and their children’s needs to examine each situation within context, but based on a strong foundation.

On Night One I examine the confusion between discipline and punishment and help parents to distinguish what the actual short term and long term outcomes of these two parenting approaches are. I use up to date research and use examples from my own life which elaborate upon this.

Above all I stress that parenting is a journey and that no one parent can expect to be a perfect parent on any given day. The journey is what we must try to enjoy, rather than the ideal destination itself.

Parents will be encouraged to examine their parenting philosophy, create a Family plan and examine the values that they have in their family. I will give them examples of how to do this and how to implement it.

On Night Two I examine how we communicate to our children, how we reward and praise children, and the latest research around these techniques. I explain the difference between encouraging a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset in our children and how even though we think we might be achieving a positive long term outcome, the research might well suggest otherwise.

Overall this course is a challenge to existing parenting paradigms and encourages parents to work on a partnership model of parenting, whereby their and their children’s needs are listened to and respected.

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